ADVENTECH has specialized in the design and manufacture of capsule series machines, Such as: capsule making machines, filling machines, batch counters, polishing machines, inspection machines and strip packing machines.
  • All stainless shells, hoppers and surface plates meet G.M.P. requirement.
  • Infinitely variable fill table speed with independent power for fix point filling. Results in precise weight within 3% deviation. New machine (F2) raise 25% capacity than old.
  • A Hydraulic power plane joint system increase joint efficiency, without any damage to capsules.
  • Capsule feeding automatic stop.
  • Capsule feeding finish twirl two times.
  • Simple structure, easy to Maintain and clean.
  • Touchscreen operation.
  • A special design allows for changing molds for different size capsules within 15 minutes-easily, simply, precisely.
  • So simple to operate one can learn in 10 minutes; only one operator required.
  • No noise, no public hazard.
  • All new semi-automatic capsule filling machine is an improvement over the old-style filling machine. Improved design results in faster production, more accurate filling, safer operation, less maintenance, and less labor.
  • Capable of filling capsules size 00-0-1-2-3-4-5.
  • Can fill material in either powdered or granulated forms.